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                              Poptropica Land

Yes I participe at PoptropicaLand challenge:)

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                    Patricia Sky and Marc Gabriel

Patricia Sky : " I'm a girl of 14 years old . I play poptropica a few 3 years ago . I play the piano and 
                         I don't sing with the voice .My preferate matters are music , english ,spanish , maths.
                         I love to play the computer . I played transformice .
  Marc Gabriel : I' m a boy of 15 years old. I play poptropica a few 4 years ago. I love the matters:
                         maths, informathyc , music ,french , german , english and fizhyc . I did the first Patricia's account and this blog and the Patricia's gmail .

 Patricia = Fashion Designer
Gabriel = Blog Writter

                              My account(s):))

 Okay I don't lie , I have 4 accounts:)
This is first my account : tikim2 . This is the original and the first my account . Now I have 550 friends + 41 islands . I change my account because the poptropican's name is Neat Bones!
The second of my accounts : Flowerofmoon . This account have the  poptropican name : " Red Crown " . In this count i do 32 islands.
The 3rt have username: Sky20560 . This account have poptropican name " Speedy Sky " . A irrony
my family name is Sky . :)
The final (not known) account : Sky20859. This account have poptropican name "Super Star" . This poptropican name is perfect ,no?

                            Angel Rock Star!

I do a new costume ! This is a combination of Rock Star, Angel and Biker.
Rock Star ( 225  minim credits)
                 (300 maxim credits)
  • Hair: Buy Angel and copy the hair only hair!
  • Bangs ,sheert: Buy Rockstar and for bangs and t-sheert copy from black Rockstar 
  • Headphones: Go to Lunar Colony and copy from the teen boy
  • Jacket: Buy Biker and copy the jacket
  • Pants ,belt : You can find all at common rooms
  •  (OPTIONAL) Buy Pop Star and copy the microphone

                                      Emo Angel.

This suite is simple but okay  . Look:
           For this you will need:

  • The blouse,hair,bangs,pants: Go to Reality Tv and watch for this emo
  • The wings: Buy Angel costume and copy the wings

                                     A suite for boys.

From the title ,this suite is for boys! This is the image:

You will need:
  • Hair: From Dead ( Haunted House)
  • Sheert: Don't must to be this T-sheert but to be black
  • Cape: Ringmaster Raven from Monster Carnival
  • Belt : Go to Astro-Knight and copy the boy with blue(Main Street)
  • Pants:Black don't
  • Jacket: Go to Red Dragon and copy jacket from the girl with a dog.


                                               He everybody!

Sorry because I posted only 1 yesterday but I will revange:

                    Ringmaster Raven 

I know, this is no Raven but I copyed this style . You will need:
  • Cape: Buy Masked Hero and copy the cape
  • Hair , drees and shirt: For sheert and hair go to Astro-Knights and go to Secret Sanctum and for sheert go to in front of Arturu's Castle (Astro-Knight)
  • For belt :Go to Red Dragon and copy the belt from ninja suit
  • For no face: Buy Colorizer and do the skin's colour black and don't use a lipstick, use a normal smile (ex 7th Birthday costume's smile)

luni, 13 octombrie 2014

                      POPTROPICA LAND FOR NON-MEMBERS!!!

+David Moffett Land is in BETA. Very imperfect. Testing it with members so we annoy just a few Poptoricans. BETA goes public for 2 weeks for greater feedback from all. Then that informs real product in Jan 2015. BTW, Capt Crawfish is actually a really nice guy.

duminică, 12 octombrie 2014

                                   Poptropica Fashion Ideas!

We create a page in Twitter!

                                   A new idea for Halloween

 I Psky and Mg do a new idea for a costume. I named "Warrior Cat"

This cosume is free 100%!!! You will need:

  • Hair : You cand find this in common rooms.
  • Bangs and skirt: Go to Poptropicon Island and copy the first girl from the line (the girl is behind ne Facili-Tee, this girl has 2 tickets)
  • Shirt and belt : Go to Poptropican Island and copy the last person in the line of Main Street (this person have a big hat)
  • All costumes are from the MARK SkMc 

sâmbătă, 11 octombrie 2014

                                       The final of this day

   I'll post one of my favorite outfits: 

I believe that otfit is for Autumn . Eh , in fine , you will need:
  • Shirt and pants(the belt is atachedd to pants): Buy Vampire Girl 2 ( 75) and copy the shirt.
  • Beret : Buy Popstar and copy the green costume.
  • Scarf : Go to Night Watch and go to ITN ( in the left part of mall)
  • Hair: Go to Vampire 's Curse and go to right and watch for The Goth Girl (this is near to cinema) and copy only the hair

           I hope to have a nice night! Psky And Mg:)) Good Bye!

Please comment! For me :))

                                         Super Star 2/Rock Star 3

 If you don't like the Vampire Star , I do a special costume I named Super Rock Star but my friend MG says: "This version is good but is a new costume so we must rename this costume."
For this you will need:

  1. Hair and bangs: Buy RockStar 2 and copy the hair and bangs
  2. Shirt and skirt: Buy SuperStar and copy the shirt and skirt
  3. For scarf : Add me (Sky20859) and go to my closet am when you find this costume click on them and copy only scarf .
  • I will post again a costume.

                                 Hello everybody!

This is the Vampire PopStar is this look:
For this you will need:
  1. Skirt: Add Sky20859 and go to closet (this costume si first costume of my closet )
  2. Jacket :When you copy my skirt can copy and the jacket or go to Early and you will find.
  3. Headphones: Go to lunar colony and you will find the headphones from boy.
  4. Hair and lipstick: Buy Vampire Girl 1 (Now is free I hope:)) )and chopy the hair and the lipstick
  5. The bangs: You can find or in common room or when you copy the skirt. 
  • Sorry but I was in an excursion.

vineri, 10 octombrie 2014

                                                 A new costume!

I will add a costume with name "Vampire Star". On Saturday and I will do a new blog ......Sky news! 

                       My 2nd  and the 3rt costume!

The 2nd costume have name "Vampire Queen'' . 
  1. For hair: Buy Prom Queen (75 credits) and copy the hair and bang(the first bang)
  2. For dress: Buy Little Demon (75 credits) and copy the dress
  3. For lipstick: Buy Vampire Girl 3 (75 credits) and copy the lipstick
  4. (Optional) Buy Furry Monster1 (for moment is free) and copy the wings.                             
 Princess Vampire
The 3rt costume named "Golden Vampire Queen".
  1. For hair and bangs: Buy Prom Queen (75) and copy the hair and the bangs
  2. For dress: Buy Royal Ball (75) and copy the dress but the yellow dress
  3. For lipstick : Buy Vampire Girl 3(75) and copy the lipstick.

                                       My first idea for  a costume

My first idea for a costume is........ Arabian Nights Island . For this costume you will need Super Star costume from Buy store. Copy the T-shirt from Super Star costume. Next add Sky20859 (is my account) and copy : the jacket, the hair and bangs , the belt ,the skirt and the tissue.

           You will look : 
Ps  I will wear another suit , but you can costumise of my closet


Hy name is Patricia Sky and I'm the first admin on this blog:).
I will do a costume for each celebration.