sâmbătă, 11 octombrie 2014

                                       The final of this day

   I'll post one of my favorite outfits: 

I believe that otfit is for Autumn . Eh , in fine , you will need:
  • Shirt and pants(the belt is atachedd to pants): Buy Vampire Girl 2 ( 75) and copy the shirt.
  • Beret : Buy Popstar and copy the green costume.
  • Scarf : Go to Night Watch and go to ITN ( in the left part of mall)
  • Hair: Go to Vampire 's Curse and go to right and watch for The Goth Girl (this is near to cinema) and copy only the hair

           I hope to have a nice night! Psky And Mg:)) Good Bye!

Please comment! For me :))

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