marți, 14 octombrie 2014

                              My account(s):))

 Okay I don't lie , I have 4 accounts:)
This is first my account : tikim2 . This is the original and the first my account . Now I have 550 friends + 41 islands . I change my account because the poptropican's name is Neat Bones!
The second of my accounts : Flowerofmoon . This account have the  poptropican name : " Red Crown " . In this count i do 32 islands.
The 3rt have username: Sky20560 . This account have poptropican name " Speedy Sky " . A irrony
my family name is Sky . :)
The final (not known) account : Sky20859. This account have poptropican name "Super Star" . This poptropican name is perfect ,no?

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