vineri, 10 octombrie 2014

                       My 2nd  and the 3rt costume!

The 2nd costume have name "Vampire Queen'' . 
  1. For hair: Buy Prom Queen (75 credits) and copy the hair and bang(the first bang)
  2. For dress: Buy Little Demon (75 credits) and copy the dress
  3. For lipstick: Buy Vampire Girl 3 (75 credits) and copy the lipstick
  4. (Optional) Buy Furry Monster1 (for moment is free) and copy the wings.                             
 Princess Vampire
The 3rt costume named "Golden Vampire Queen".
  1. For hair and bangs: Buy Prom Queen (75) and copy the hair and the bangs
  2. For dress: Buy Royal Ball (75) and copy the dress but the yellow dress
  3. For lipstick : Buy Vampire Girl 3(75) and copy the lipstick.

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